A Fruit Based Edible (Oral) Vaccine for RSV


Human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV) causes an infectious disease affecting mainly the lower respiratory system including lungs, causing flu-like symptoms. hRSV infects all humans, and the symptoms can be severe especially in infants, the elderly, and immunosuppressed groups such as those who have chronic lung/heart diseases/disorders and those undergoing certain medical treatments like chemotherapy.
We are developing an edible, orally administered vaccine in a fruit (eg. cherry tomatoes) against RSV-caused disease in humans. No vaccine for RSV disease in humans is available in the market, and no fruit-based edible vaccine for any disease exists at present. A non-invasive edible fruit-based vaccine will have no toxicities, side-effects, or pain (oral), as potentially associated with injectable vaccines. Also, compared with injectable vaccines, edible plant-based vaccines are environmentally friendly, and minimize transportation costs (can be locally grown/sold) and hospital visits. The FruitVaccine technology will be applicable to additional infectious diseases, and other fruits.

About hRSV